Final Week – enhanced remake

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I know that the Project Memoria blog is primarily for my current VN, Memoria. But I might as well announce it here!

Along with a friend of mine (he’s an excellent anime artist), I’m also working on an enhanced remake of Final Week, a VN originally created as a big art project in my final semester of college. The upgrades include:

* Major graphics overhaul: character graphics will be redone, plus the inclusion of event CGs (I didn’t have the time to include them when I first created it)
* Some bug fixes and minor script modifications, possibly getting better voice actors/actresses

I might make two versions of the game: a non-H version, and an H-version (18+, for you hentai fans out there). No art samples as of yet; this project just started yesterday.

If you guys haven’t already, download the original game here:
Comment on the game in this post, or here:

Character profiles

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Character artwork is far from being done (they’re not even colored yet, hence silhouettes). I just felt like emulating those various Japanese VN sites. You know, image files containing character profiles.

Check out more here:

I’ve yet to get my sister (Memoria’s artist) to post on this blog, but she’s REALLY swamped with college work. She would make a great visual arts major (she’s majoring in nursing).

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