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December 2, 2009 at 5:42 pm | Posted in Artwork, Characters, Story | 5 Comments
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Memoria’s progressing very nicely, story-wise, but art stuff’s been rather sloooow.

I have some character art (courtesy of my younger sis) stuff to show you guys:
Warning: May be NSFW… but it’s nothing hardcore, just nudity.
Mikaela base poses A
Mikaela base poses B

Tell me that Mikaela doesn’t look like Sailor Venus.

My sister’s seriously considering getting a tablet sometime this month (like a Wacom), plus that SAI paint tool I keep hearing about. Beats using the pen tool in Photoshop (used in Final Week, my other VN).


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  1. Not bad. i like your sister’s artwork. I’ve been wanting to make a visual novel for forever, but all the people I get to do artwork drop. -.- Ah well, good luck on finishing your project. If you wanna chat about VN making,

    • Thanks, I’ll let her know. ^_^

      Sorry to hear people drop out in your projects… then again, it takes a strong commitment and dedication to stay and work on a project, especially large ones.

  2. Stunning… very amazing subject. I’m goin to write about it too!

  3. Mikaela doesn’t look like Sailor Venus. She looks like Ryoko Asakura.

    • My sister and I are reminded of her, though. But once she’s colored then probably not so much.

      And you’re right, she does resemble Ryoko Asakura. XD

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