Poll #1 – Writer’s Block

January 10, 2010 at 8:01 pm | Posted in Characters, Poll, Story | 6 Comments
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I’m in a bit of a writer’s block! I need your guy’s opinion on something, so I created a poll. I’m writing a part of the story where Mikaela gets in a very bad mood towards Ryne because of him hanging around other girls. As Ryne, what would you tell her to make her feel better? Take into consideration that the two have known each other since childhood.


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  1. hmm… Telling her you’ll never abandon her is too stereotypical, I can imagine the girl slapping him in anger with the second, I can see her saying “and all those other girls as well” for the 3rd, and the 4th one looks like your just trying to pay her off…
    I can see why you have a writers block, this is a hard issue…
    but I guess the 2nd is the best one you have listed there…
    sorry, but that’s all I can say atm, I’ll think about it and post again if I think of something.

    • Thanks for your input. I figured that telling her “you’ll never abandon her” is kind of cliche, which is what I want to avoid.

  2. It depends on the circumstances. I mean, why was he with the other girl(s)? Did he ditch her, or maybe break an appointed meeting? Why does Mikaela get so angry when he is around other girls, if Ryne isn’t particularly interested in relationships anyway (assuming the profiles are up to date)?

    Since I don’t know any of that, though, probably just reassuring her that he still cares about her would help, generic as it is. Maybe he could specifically offer to spend some time with just her, as well?

    • Not sure if you’ve read it yet, but I posted in the Story section that Ryne gets caught up in the other girls’ various situations, and his “helping others given the chance” in his profile; the two factor into Mikaela’s anger.

      I’m trying to avoid cliches and cheesiness in the story. Yeah, he could spend time with her to solve the problem. Maybe I’m overthinking this.

      • It’s good that you are thinking about it at all, I’d say~ Also, the occasional cliche isn’t terrible, so long as it is executed well, and it is, in fact, occasional.
        Er, sorry if my questionings are making it more difficult. I’m trying to give you stuff to think about, since that usually helps me out of a block. Of course, you aren’t me, but I thought I’d try. I can stop, if you would like. (:

        Anyway, in addition to reassuring her and offering to spend time with her, maybe he could explain that he was trying to help someone out as a friend? It seems like if Mikaela has known Ryne for as long as she has, she’d understand. It probably shouldn’t solve everything, but maybe it would calm her down a bit?

        • No, you’re not making it more difficult, you’re giving me some great ideas. I really like that one; maybe Mikaela refuses Ryne’s offer, but then he tells her what more does she want, he’s only trying to help her out as her friend. Then she realizes oh… o-okay… s-sure.
          Thanks, you’ve helped me break my writer’s block. Looking forward to future feedback from you. ^_^

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