New Character Poses! Plus Faces!

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I received my very own Wacom Bamboo tablet from the UPS last Tuesday.  I was very excited to use it, however I felt very limited with what I can create because its been so long that I’ve used Photoshop.  I definitely need a 101 to brush up on my skills.  I have little experience with illustrating on Photoshop.  I hope my eye with paper and pencil is just as good technologically!  Luckily, I have my brother to help me translate what tools do what in the program;  I just need some practicing on them. This should be fun 🙂

For the mean time, here are some new sketches!  Plus Faces to go along with them.  Helps to bring out the character more huh?  Haha, and hopefully clothes too soon. 😉

(NSFW) Julia, Mikaela, Anna

-Richelle (Artist)

On Working as a Group

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Compiling a visual novel as a group is hard work, I know.

As a manager of two VN projects (Memoria and the Final Week remake), I have to keep tabs on my artists to make sure they’re doing their job. Of course, I need to keep tabs on myself, as well. I’m giving myself and my artists every other week to get at least something done. I understand they have school/college and work and such, and I respect that – it’s called time management.

If you’ve guys read the “what is project Memoria” section, you’ll see that the characters were recycled from a scrapped project. That’s what I really want to avoid, scrapping the two VN projects.

For all those VN enthusiasts creating their own VNs – don’t give up. You might have some setbacks among your team members, but as long as you negotiate with them then problems will be minimized, making things go more smoothly.

Expect something new at least once here every two weeks from this post on (story and art-wise). Especially since my sister bought a shiny new Wacom tablet. 😀

– Ryne (aka nayukifanboy/thebackup)

Ideas Dump

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Not much progress lately, but I do have this story idea that’s been floating around me I’d like to share. May or may not be in the final draft.

So, me and Jacob sat on a bench just outside the mall, waiting for Mikaela to join us, she said she’d catch up to eat out with us. She’s… however, running a little late. It’s been fifteen minutes already…

Jacob: Man Ryne, is Mikaela always this late? Some childhood friend you have there.
Jacob: Forget Mikaela, Ryne. She’s probably still pissed off at you for hanging around Julia and stuff, and the other girls, too. I never knew you were such a player, dude!
Ryne: Funny, Jacob! I know Mikaela better than you do.

(Event CG of cellphone)
Suddenly, my cell phone rings. It’s from Mikaela, probably telling us she’s running a little late. However, when I open my cell…

(Event CG of opened cellphone, with picture of Mikaela posed flirtatiously in a bikini. The pic is centered around her cleavage, with the pic going from her waist up to her mouth.)
…there’s a picture message… of Mikaela… in a bikini. The message says… “Hey Rhino <3"

Ryne: Oh, c-crap!

I try to quickly close my cellphone before Jacob sees. Seriously… I-I-I’ve never seen Mikaela in a bikini before! I think I’m turning red…

Jacob: What’s up with the flushed face, my friend?
Ryne: …I-it’s nothing!
Jacob: Let me guess. Mikaela just showed you her cleavage, huh?
Ryne: Shut up! It’s nothing!
Jacob: Can I have a copy of that pic?

I’ve never felt so embarrassed in my life.

Jacob: So, are you and Mikaela officially boy/girlfriend?
Ryne: No, and we don’t plan to be.
Jacob: I think the two of you should break the ice already! I mean, you’ve known each other for quite a long time…
Ryne: Well… yeah, but still…
Jacob: Dude, you may feel that way, but I’m getting vibes that she wants something more from you. Especially judging from that picture, and when she was pissed off at you for a week…
Ryne: …She’s just probably teasing me! It’s nothing, okay?!

I see Mikaela exiting the mall carrying a shopping bag. Probably that bikini she bought earlier.

Mikaela: Hello Rhino! Sorry if I’m late.
Ryne: … (I turn away from her and start to blush hard.)
Jacob: What about me, Mikaela? (He makes a smirk.)
Mikaela: …Hi.

Oh, man… I’d never look at Mikaela the same way again. That picture has burned in my mind permanently. But… I have to admit, Mikaela… she’s actually kind of cute… yeah. I-I can’t make her my girlfriend, no, not yet… I’m not ready.

– Ryne (aka nayukifanboy/thebackup)

Updated story and character pages

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Reworked on the story and character pages to make it less wordy. I also reworked the “What is Project Memoria” page but only “What is a VN” section; might need some more work. I could’ve posted this weeks ago, but I was so busy with other stuff, mostly with the Final Week remake.

There was a circum-critique thread at the Lemma Soft forums, and received several critiques on this blog a month-and-a-half back. Credits to the members of the forums for making a difference for this blog:

  • Tsundere Lightning (if you’re reading this TL, your username is awesome)
  • JinzouTamashii
  • Midnighticequeen
  • risingdreams
  • Anyone I missed?

Might rework it some more when I have the time. I have to admit, the revisions look SO much better.

Remember, constructive criticism is open anytime! 😉

– Ryne (aka nayukifanboy/thebackup)

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