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Not much progress lately, but I do have this story idea that’s been floating around me I’d like to share. May or may not be in the final draft.

So, me and Jacob sat on a bench just outside the mall, waiting for Mikaela to join us, she said she’d catch up to eat out with us. She’s… however, running a little late. It’s been fifteen minutes already…

Jacob: Man Ryne, is Mikaela always this late? Some childhood friend you have there.
Jacob: Forget Mikaela, Ryne. She’s probably still pissed off at you for hanging around Julia and stuff, and the other girls, too. I never knew you were such a player, dude!
Ryne: Funny, Jacob! I know Mikaela better than you do.

(Event CG of cellphone)
Suddenly, my cell phone rings. It’s from Mikaela, probably telling us she’s running a little late. However, when I open my cell…

(Event CG of opened cellphone, with picture of Mikaela posed flirtatiously in a bikini. The pic is centered around her cleavage, with the pic going from her waist up to her mouth.)
…there’s a picture message… of Mikaela… in a bikini. The message says… “Hey Rhino <3"

Ryne: Oh, c-crap!

I try to quickly close my cellphone before Jacob sees. Seriously… I-I-I’ve never seen Mikaela in a bikini before! I think I’m turning red…

Jacob: What’s up with the flushed face, my friend?
Ryne: …I-it’s nothing!
Jacob: Let me guess. Mikaela just showed you her cleavage, huh?
Ryne: Shut up! It’s nothing!
Jacob: Can I have a copy of that pic?

I’ve never felt so embarrassed in my life.

Jacob: So, are you and Mikaela officially boy/girlfriend?
Ryne: No, and we don’t plan to be.
Jacob: I think the two of you should break the ice already! I mean, you’ve known each other for quite a long time…
Ryne: Well… yeah, but still…
Jacob: Dude, you may feel that way, but I’m getting vibes that she wants something more from you. Especially judging from that picture, and when she was pissed off at you for a week…
Ryne: …She’s just probably teasing me! It’s nothing, okay?!

I see Mikaela exiting the mall carrying a shopping bag. Probably that bikini she bought earlier.

Mikaela: Hello Rhino! Sorry if I’m late.
Ryne: … (I turn away from her and start to blush hard.)
Jacob: What about me, Mikaela? (He makes a smirk.)
Mikaela: …Hi.

Oh, man… I’d never look at Mikaela the same way again. That picture has burned in my mind permanently. But… I have to admit, Mikaela… she’s actually kind of cute… yeah. I-I can’t make her my girlfriend, no, not yet… I’m not ready.

– Ryne (aka nayukifanboy/thebackup)

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