Finalized character sketch, Mikaela

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Since I’ve been on spring break I’ve been working hard on getting these sketches precisely how they should.  For example, making sure details of Mikaela’s hair, height, and proportions just right.  The communication between my brother and I using aim benefited us greatly;  We managed to fix any issues we had with the sketches right that minute it was discussed.

Well, here is a look of our future character for Project Memoria.  It was so great to hear my brother say, “she’s perfect!”

Please comment and let me know what you think! 🙂

(NSFW) Thee Mikaela

Oh, I am using the SAI program to illustrate these images.  My trial time may be up pretty soon.  I’m hoping to purchase my own next week.  I am very pleased using it.

-Richelle (Artist)

Poll #2 – Party Time

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Created this poll out of curiosity rather than writer’s block. Plus around this time it’s spring break for all those high schoolers/college students out there!

I’m writing a section of story where spring break is approaching. Aurelia’s throwing a party at her place for spring break, as her parents allowed her to because of her straight A grades on her progress report; she invites Ryne over to the party, plus most of his friends.

However! Mikaela doesn’t have so good grades, specifically she’s failing her algebra class. As a result she can’t go to the party and must work on extra homework assignments during spring break to catch up. She refuses the help offered from Ryne and his friend Timothy out of frustration (personally, she hates Timothy).

Even if Mikaela refuses your help, would you stick to her and help her out? I find this a tough decision for Ryne because he’s childhood friends with Mikaela and he REALLY would like to help her out; however, Ryne finds Aurelia’s good-natured demeanor (and physical attractiveness XD) too hard to resist and wants to go to her party. However, he only has known her for half a semester at this point.

Would you:
A: Go to Aurelia’s party and socialize (with girls like Julia/Anna/Tristina); convince Mikaela to let Timothy help her with her assignments.
B: Help Mikaela out yourself because you’re worried about your childhood friend.

Post a comment if you want to vote “other.”

-Ryne (writer, aka nayukifanboy/thebackup)

Edited Sketch, Mikaela’s Legs.

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I was noted that Mikaela’s legs from my previous post appeared too long.  I didn’t want to mess with her height, so I only re-sketched her legs so they didn’t appear strangely long.

See previous post for before pic.

After (NSFW)

Let me know what you think! Better?

I also drew in details of her hands and feet which I didn’t on the previous post.  Zooming in on the Sai tool helps a lot for fine details like that I find…

Richelle (Artist)

Testing out new tablet and SAI program

March 7, 2010 at 2:47 pm | Posted in Artwork, Characters | 2 Comments
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My brother came over to help me brush up on some basic photoshop editing for my sketches.   So far, just to outline the sketches I did on paper.

I’m having so much fun creating my sketches on my tablet.   It definitely beats creating them on sketching paper as far as finalizing it to be a clean look.

It took me between 15-30 minutes to outline one figure.  It took some time getting used to, but I’m getting more and more comfortable with the tools.  Drawing on photoshop seemed to me a bit more wobbly than using the SAI tool to smoothly follow outlines.

Anyway, here is a sample outline I did using the SAI program and Wacom bamboo tablet 🙂


I am open to any comments or suggestions from artists who are experienced or also getting started like me drawing using a tablet.  I would love to learn more 😉


-Richelle (artist)

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