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Long time no update; no, we’re not dead!

Memoria’s story has been progressing very nicely – I have found a way to relate the five girls’ stories to each other. Julia and Mikaela’s stories closely relate to each other as they are both girls from Ryne’s childhood. However, how do Anna/Tristina/Aurelia’s stories relate to the two girls?

Mikaela and Julia’s story is central to the VN as a whole, meaning that Ryne’s relationship and experiences with them influence the way he interacts with Anna/Tristina/Aurelia if he ever goes their route. It works SOOOO much better that way rather than making their stories completely unrelated (which, to be honest it was originally going to be that way).

I’m hoping by the end of this May I’ll get the first half of the story done. Then I’ll start writing Mikaela’s route. 😀

-Ryne (writer / Memoria project manager)

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