The Girls of Memoria, a Group Shot

May 19, 2010 at 10:10 pm | Posted in Artwork, Characters | 4 Comments
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Sorry to have been m.i.a. these past several weeks.  I’m glad that school finals are next week which means summer break is coming up!  Which also means more artwork done for Project Memoria!  Between my school time I focused on adding and fixing sketches of each character.  Slowly but surely I got one girl done, the next, and another.  Making sure I met with my brother online to show him my progress.  And here, today, I present to you thee girls of Memoria (NSFW).  From left to right, Tristina, Julia, Mikaela, Anna, and Aurelia.  

I hope that now we have a more clear idea of each character’s physical characteristics, that it will be easier to draw more poses for them.  Drawing clothes on them will be a next challenge!!

-RichelleW (Artist)

Julia is so short and cute

May 19, 2010 at 2:28 pm | Posted in Story | 4 Comments

This post’s title is only relevant to the latter part of this post. I needed an attention grabber, as opposed to “more story stuff” and the like 😀

Anyway, the story is picking up real quick, and is on schedule – the first half of the story WILL be done before the end of this month! I’m writing the last couple of days just before I start outlining the girl’s routes.

Actually, more like self-editing, and having others read through it, then write the girls’ routes. This VN is going to be a looooong story – don’t know how long the script will be, though the outline itself is pretty long. Not a bad thing, right? I’ve played some pretty long VNs.

My sister will most likely have  artworks posted this week, of all the five main female characters together (Julia/Mikaela/Anna/Tristina/Aurelia). They’re looking pretty awesome. Especially Julia, she looks so short and cute~

– Ryne (writer/project manager)

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