Anna has pretty blue eyes

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I think from now on at random times my post titles will have a random fact of a Memoria girl. XD

But anyway, as I was revising the story I’ve been thinking about a subtitle for Memoria. I’ve looked at some of my favorite Japanese VN examples:

  • * Petapeta ~linking little fingers to confirm a promise~
  • * Floating Material -The Hill Where the Star Born- (I think they mean: Where the Stars Were Born?)

So, somewhat along those lines, I’m thinking for this project’s title/subtitle: Memoria ~where hopes, dreams, and desires become reality~

I’ll leave it up to you guys to figure out why I chose that subtitle as the project progresses. The title is a little more obvious if you read the “Story” section, though I promise you it’s more than just Ryne having bad/pleasant memories of a girl. ^_^

Sister’s got some colored artwork done. Once I get a hold of her I’ll have her post some – they’re looking excellent.

-Ryne (project manager)

Mikaela wears bows on her twintails

June 1, 2010 at 12:27 pm | Posted in Characters, Story | 4 Comments
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Of course she does, on the final draft of her. But this post isn’t about Mikaela (except for last part). XD

I”m happy to say that the rough draft of the first half of the story is done, spent all yesterday night writing up the last bits of outline, making sure that 6/1/10 12:00 AM deadline I set myself is met. It will now go through a process of extensive edits. There’s a good chance that the character profile descriptions might change along the way. Once I feel satisfied… I’ll start writing the outline for the girl’s routes; Julia is up first, then Mikaela, because those two will most likely have the longest routes.

I love that beach scene I just wrote yesterday~

-Ryne (writer/project manager)

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