Aurelia moisturizes

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Good morning!  This weekend I managed to get a base pose done for (NSFW) Aurelia.  This time I mainly used the watercolor tool to do shading on the skin.  I think the application turned out smoother than the airbrush tool.  Is it just me or does her skin look very clean and vibrant than the other girls?

I also tried a different technique to shading her hair by looking up tutorials on how to draw hair.  Much different than my previous post on Julia huh?   I love the detail in it. I will have to go back and edit the others’ like this.

Please let me know what you think.

-Richelle (artist)

It’s morphing time!

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Can you spot the difference in this image of  5 Julias (NSFW)?

While I was creating clothing for Julia, I was using the second image as reference as how her clothing should fit.  Then I realized there was much awkwardness on the bottom half of her body; this was also brought to my attention from a comment in an older post.

So a I fixed the position of her legs to give more balance… Then decided to tame her hair a bit!  Ah! XD  All I need is to put her glasses on! Like myself, I always forget or lose my own glasses!  That will be next on my “to do” list for Julia.

Anyway, I’ll leave you off with another NSFW image of how Julia looks like next to Mikaela and Tristina I here. Constructive criticism welcomed! 😀

-Richelle (artist)

Poll #3 – Names of Memoria’s Heroines

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Been a while since I created a poll, eh?

One of the nicest things about writing a story is giving your characters names. It’s kind of like naming your own children.

I’ll be honest, I’m VERY much fascinated by people’s names, particularly female names. If you haven’t noticed already, all of Memoria’s heroines have names ending in “-a” since I feel they make the girls more attractive. Likewise, how a name is said and spelled gives me a first impression of a character. Like Aurelia – think about why I gave her that name (read about her in the “Characters” page).

In Julia’s case, well, I gave her that name more for personal reasons which I’ll not get into here.

Anyway, which Memoria heroine has the most pleasing/prettiest name? Consider how it’s spelled and pronounced. (added in pronunciation guide for potentially difficult names to say)

Story-wise, I’m hoping by the end of this month (Aug 31) I’ll get Aurelia’s parts done. Then it’s route writing time! 😀

Also, I’m planning to change this blog’s design (as well as my Pixæl Works site) since I’m feeling kind of bored with the layout. Expect something new in the next month 8)

-Ryne (project manager)

Two girls in, one image.

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Boy do I have a treat for you!  Mikaela and Tristina make a pair in(NSFW) today’s post! Ok, well… I just happen to get both their coloring done in one night;  And understanding that I lagged lately with posts, I suppose this one be special 🙂

Some comments…

Shading skin with Sai is becoming easier.  I still have trouble shading hair as far as the placements of lights and darks and the transitions between them; Such as in the strands of hair (I would greatly appreciate suggestions or advice about that).

I learned the importance of shading and adding light as to make eyes smoother and stand out.  Check out (NSFW) Tristina’s eyes from my previous post.  Also, consistency of eye styles between each characters should be considered;  this is important for the style of Anime and also character personality.

– Richelle (artist)

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