Memoria’s logo, version 1.

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I know, I CAN show you guys the logo without clicking the link, but for some strange reason Coppermine Gallery won’t let me directly show you the image.

Memoria logo version 1

Opted for an ethereal-ish design, and the subtitle: “The Future is Near.” No, I did not borrow my sister’s tablet; created it just using a mouse and photoshop. I’ll let you guys think about the process behind the logo.

Of course, this is not final. Let me know what you guys think.

– Ryne (project manager)

Refining characters

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Okay, I might’ve said that I was going to start route writing by the beginning of this month (see last part of entry Poll #3).

However, I found myself still refining Tristina’s parts of the story. The other girls seem pretty much solid, it’s just that Tristina is a bit hard to work on. I’m going to start route writing when I feel her stuff is solid like the other girls, don’t want to make things complicated later on.

On a somewhat unrelated note: Any of you guys watch the anime “Working!!”? I find that in some way, most of Memoria’s heroines can relate to a role in that anime. Like Anna / Poplar XD

-Ryne (project manager)

Julia’s new hair…pt. 3

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Good Morning!  Yesterday night I went back and re-styled and colored Julia’s hair.  Last time it was very flat in dimension and lacked movement.  Also, I finally added her glasses.  She can see! o_o

(NSFW) Julia base pose.

Now I have Anna to begin coloring in.  I may get done with her this weekend, I hope.  Much catching up to do!

Richelle (artist)

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