School uniforms are on their way!

October 12, 2010 at 1:29 pm | Posted in Artwork, Characters | 2 Comments
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I am currently working on the uniforms for the girls.  It’s almost winter time as they will not only have a spring/summer look, but also a fall/winter uniform too.

Above is Mikaela in what will be her spring/summer look.  Its still in much much progress.   It was exciting knowing that I could post images directly with out it being hidden in “NSFW” form.

Luckily, I have Julia in a more complete version of the outfit below

Of course, a progress image also.  The skirt pattern took several trials and errors to get right.   Once an efficient technique was found, it didn’t feel so strenuous to do.

I’m definitely looking forward to finishing the rest of the girl’s outfits because all of them where it somewhat differently.

Please comment and let me know how our progress are turning out!

-Richelle (artist)

Huge Updates

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Memoria Logo

You guys might have remembered this post, but I figured out why Coppermine gallery wouldn’t let me directly show images on this blog: apparently the server was blocking hotlinks, so I configured it to allow hotlinks for this blog. If all went well you guys should see the Memoria logo without fail; click to see full-sized image.

Also, I created a twitter account for Memoria. I might make changes to this blog later so it integrates with twitter. Follow me and my sis on memoriavn!

One more thing, I spent all day upgrading the gallery to the latest version. It was a huge pain to upgrade as I had some setbacks but it’s working now. I encourage you guys to visit it and let me know if anythings broken.

Gonna update my sister on how to use the twitter and hotlinking images.

– Ryne (project manager)

Mikaela wants you to take her route

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I’m happy to say I’m getting into writing the girl’s routes. I know, there have been delays here and there due to making edits of the first half.

Writing Mikaela’s route first, already outlined the first four days of her part.

I think I’m gonna bug my sis into posting some new artworks… they’re looking amazing. 😀

– Ryne (project manager)

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