Art progress, hair and eyes edit

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(Newest far left, old work in the middle) **Click the images to see the rest 🙂

(Newest on far left, oldest on far right)

(Newest on far left, oldest in middle)

After receiving comments on my last post, I couldn’t go to bed without editing what I posted some more!  I was up late working on them, but I feel so much better that I did!  So I mainly edited the face and hair on Anna and Aurelia, and hair for Mikaela (from top image down.) The technique I currently used to make the shading on the girl’s hair created a cleaner look.  It was also faster to do.  I’m a bit annoyed that the edges of the shading are jagged (I used the polygonal lasso tool in Adobe Photoshop;  I can’t find the tool that makes them more smooth (I don’t think my version has it…Forgot what “it” was called >.<)….other than using the eraser to make each edge rounded.

Please comment and let me know how I’m doing on my progress.  🙂

-Richelle (artist)

Reposting this morning’s post.

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That’s what happens when  you rush a post early in the morning before going to school;  I forget to put a title, images aren’t uploaded right, and I type too quick while cramming my sentences that hardly any sense is made! XD Sooo I’m reposting!

Below is progress work on Anna, Aurelia, and Mikaela (top to bottom).

Things changed:  Facial features, and uniforms.  Here is a before’s of Mikaela to compare.  Do you think it is more appealing now?  Creating the plaid skirts was a struggle at first;  but really cool outcome once I got the hang of it (still not as perfect as I’d like)   Anyway, I feel like I’m falling behind schedule with drawings; because I know I can get at least all the girl’s uniforms done in one day rather than a whole week!

Some thing I would really like to improve on are making cleaner lines and applying shading in lighting.  Oh and working faster! >.<


*Updated my profile in the staff section.  Check it out,  I mean if you are curious to know a little about me.


-Richelle (Artist)

Mikaela and Anna’s routes

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That was rather fast… happened to finish writing the rough draft of Mikaela’s route in just under a month. But still it’s quite a bit of writing.

I’ve had fun writing her route – I’ve learned interesting things about her I’ve never realized before. I would say… she seems more mature than the other four girls, despite her appearance and actions. Especially after looking at her younger self.

I’m just beginning to write Anna’s route, which is going to be interesting. There’s a good chance I’ll parody a certain anime in her route. If you like waitresses then you’re in for a treat 8)

-Ryne (project manager/writer)

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