Finalizing Summer Uniforms

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Finally I’m getting close to finalizing the girl’s in their Summer uniform.  I cleaned up outlines, filled in empty spaces, shaded skin darker…Now that I’m getting the standard look down, I hope it will be easier to draw each character again only in a different pose.









Would love to hear what you all think!  Oh, there is one more girl missing that I need to finish as well…Tristina!  Hope to get her done some time soon.  Since the holidays have been pretty busy, I may post next week her final image.

-Richelle (artist)

Anna and Tristina story updates

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Finished writing the rough draft on Anna’s route (like two weeks ago, lol). Don’t know if I said this already, but I’m aiming to finish writing each of the girl’s routes within a month, and so far so good (I have Mikaela and Anna finished).

You know, Anna happens to be my favorite character out of all the Memoria girls so far. I can relate to her in a way.

So… I’m halfway done writing Tristina’s route; it’s seemingly going to be a bit shorter than the last two I’ve written. Though the route is not only going to be a test of Ryne’s relationship with Tristina, but also Ryne’s friendship with Jacob. Read about them in the “Characters” page if you’re unfamiliar with them.

Oh yeah… another anime reference in Tristina’s route. Though it’s not as substantial as the reference in Anna’s route, I think it helps in understanding Tristina’s personality.

-Ryne (project manager/writer)

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