Starting off the year with Aurelia

January 5, 2011 at 1:16 pm | Posted in Characters, Story | Leave a comment
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Soooo… I finished Tristina’s route on New Years Eve. And already have gotten to Aurelia’s route couple days ago.

I would have to say Tristina’s route seems quite dark compared to the others I’ve written. Incorporating stuff such as violence, sexual harassment, you get the idea. (just in case you’re wondering, there are no H-scenes in this VN, for now.)

As for Aurelia. I’m sensing that her route will be a “pure love story” route, with “coming to age” themes.

Aurelia’s an interesting character; she is admired at school for her top grades and physical attractiveness, yet she can be somewhat ditzy, flirty, and dense. Dense as in poor at pronouncing people’s names right, sub-par cooking skills, and among other things. That’s part of her charm.

Fact about Aurelia’s name: you know in the periodic table the symbol for gold is Au? Well Aurelia means “golden” in Latin (in feminine form of course).

-Ryne (writer/project manager)

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