New character image, Ryne

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Finally have a boy character in progress!  This is the main character Ryne.  School’s been keeping me pretty busy, but I’m hoping to get his base pose by the end of this weekend.


oh, NSFW Ryne base pose

-Richelle (artist)

Julia, Memoria’s Main Heroine

February 4, 2011 at 1:27 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Finished writing Aurelia’s route. Somewhat emotional, IMO.

Here we go, just started writing the route on Memoria’s main heroine, Julia. Saved her for last, simply because, well, she has significant meaning to *me personally*. Won’t go into details, might get into that later this month. In this route, despite what might have happened in the past, Ryne has conflicted feelings for Julia.  And Julia feels the need repent for what she did in the past.

This might easily be the longest route in the game, surpassing Mikaela’s. What happened between Ryne and Julia? Will they make up with renewed friendship, or something more? And why does Mikaela hate Julia?

I find it funny that I’ve started writing Julia’s route on her birthday month. (February. Read her profile in the “Characters” page.)

– Ryne (writer / project manager)

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