Memoria Music – Possible Theme

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Aside from writing Memoria’s story, I’m trying my hands at creating Memoria’s music.

To be honest, I’m not exactly great at creating music. I did take some music classes during my time in college, including music theory and using audio and music software (including Reason and Pro Tools), and I can safely say that I know how to use the tools I’ve been given. The main issue I have with music creation is coming up with a melody – that’s the hardest part. And I’m not exactly great at mastering.

It helps if you listen to other music; in Memoria’s case, listen to various visual novel music. I’m having my eyes (or ears) on the VN With Ribbon’s music – the music’s absolutely beautiful, IMO; if Memoria had With Ribbon’s music it’d fit very well. Another VN, Lover Able, has some nice music too. (play the trial versions to hear for yourself.) So… Memoria’s music will most likely be influenced by those two VN’s music.

Here’s a possible theme song for Memoria. Not necessarily a tune influenced by said VNs, though they did influence me with the instrumentation. Created with Reason, and in B-flat major; took at least a week or two to create.

(side note – While playing With Ribbon, I’ve noticed there’s a heroine (left girl) who strongly reminds me of Aurelia. Her voice, demeanor, hair color and length, and large breast size. I looooove how said heroine’s hair curls at the ends, maybe I should get my sister to curl Aurelia’s hair like that? Yeah, I have a habit of comparing Memoria characters to other anime characters. ^.^)

-Ryne (project manager/writer/possible composer?)

Story Revision Progress – Mikaela and Anna

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Been a while since I last posted, eh? Been busy revising Mikaela and Anna’s routes.

For Mikaela, I adjusted the day structure of her route. On the first draft I’ve noticed that her days are spread out too much, so I condensed it, removing about a month for her. It makes you wonder – what happened in between those days? Also, removed a few days of her route, as I feel they’re not necessary. Otherwise, just added/removed details and some scenes.

Anna’s route is similar to Mikaela’s as I’ve condensed her route a bit and added/removed details and some scenes . However, she required the most revisions so far. Especially for the last three days of her route; I’m currently rewriting them, and nearly done. Those days parody one of my favorite anime series; the first draft made it blatantly obvious that it’s from that anime. So I rewritten those days and made subtle references to it, as well as making it fit within the context of the theme of Anna’s route (and to an extent, the overall theme of the story). It’s working quite well.

After I’m done revising Anna’s route, I have Tristina, then Aurelia, and then Julia’s. When I get to fixing up Aurelia, I’m going to fix up part one of the story as well (aka the first semester); Aurelia has some major changes in that part. I’ve already reflected the changes in Mikaela and Anna’s routes, and will adjust Tristina and Julia’s accordingly. (I outlined what needs changing for Aurelia.)

BTW, I tried my hands at composing some music for Memoria. Might post it next week. ^_~

(As I’m writing this, I find it surprising that Firefox’s spellchecker flagged “Anna’s” as misspelled, while “Mikaela’s” is not flagged.)

-Ryne (project manager)

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