Calm and Happy Memoria Music

August 26, 2011 at 12:51 pm | Posted in Music | 1 Comment

As promised, here’s more possible music for Memoria!

Both are still a work in progress, though. For 5 I haven’t completed the ending (from 1 minute on it’s just a clarinet), while 7 is mostly complete, just need to add some embellishments. Most of my inspiration for those themes were from the VN, With Ribbon‘s music.

Why do I name my music “Memoria Test 5” and such? For the most part I’m experimenting. Also, I’m kind of lazy to come up with official names for them at the moment. =P I do have Memoria Tests 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6; might post them later (already posted #3).  I’ve posted 3, 5, and 7 because they were worked on more than the others.

Reason (the music software) is awesome.

-Ryne (project manager/writer/composer)

Story Updates – Anna + Tristina + Others

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I apologize for the lack of updates from me (Ryne)! I did get a substantial amount of story and music done.

For the past months, been working on Anna and Tristina’s stories a bit, which required quite a bit of rewrites and restructuring. Reading them over and over again made me think – I must have been crazy to put that in there. Instead of making things blatantly obvious, I made things a bit more subtle. Intervals between days were condensed. Removed strange bits of story. And as always, made sure things made sense.

Reading over Tristina’s story, the last part seemed too extreme. I softened it to make it a bit more realistic. Also, added a day on her route as a day less is not going to work. I’m nearly done revising her (Anna is already done).

So far, out of all the girls I like Anna the most (story-wise).

The Characters page needs an update, to reflect the revisions (and among other things). Heck, parts of it don’t even make sense (at least for me)! For example, the page states that Glenn is overprotective of his daughter, Mikaela. But I made him more supportive of his daughter’s actions, considering his occasional screentime in the game.

One last thing – I will be posting more music next week!

-Ryne (project manager/writer)

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