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September 30, 2011 at 12:28 pm | Posted in Characters, Music, Story | 2 Comments
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Memoria’s story is going rather well. I’ve already started revising the first semester. As always, added, removed, and reworded details. The revising is with keeping Aurelia’s details in mind, and to an extent Julia’s. Those two needed the most revisions in the first semester, which will reflect in their respective routes.  Hence why I haven’t started revising their routes yet, but revising the first semester first.

I’m already done revising Mikaela, Anna, and Tristina’s routes long ago, and they don’t need much revising in the first semester. Of course they might need further looking into, might have missed something.

Oh and as a bonus, I’ve improved on Memoria Test 7 a bit. Major changes include: a piano in the background, chorus effects (subtle), some mastering, and added more power to the drums (they sounded weak in the first version). Posted both versions for comparison. Enjoy!

My younger sister should be posting new artworks soon, probably within the next week. Look forward to them because they’re in new outfits!

-Ryne (project manager)

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