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I already finished revising Aurelia’s route (like a week ago), and just wow. I’m amazed at what a character she is, compared to the other girls.

When I created Aurelia, one of the first things I did was come up with a name for her. I browsed baby name sites and I stumbled upon that name. It sounded so pretty the name stuck on her; it fit her appearance and personality well. The name, meaning “gold” in Latin, fits well with her “golden” personality.

What’s funny about her name is that sometimes I think Mikaela should swap her name with Aurelia, mostly because Mikaela has blonde hair. But it wouldn’t fit her well; sure, Mikaela has the looks, but she tends to be short-tempered, unlike Aurelia.

Aurelia happens to be one of my favorite characters to write about so far, because she represents the best of human nature. That is, she exhibits an aura of gentleness and kindness, and takes a lot to for her get angry. She enjoys helping others, and that makes her happy – that happiness has a lasting effect on her peers. It’s no wonder why she’s so popular among the student body – many guys dream about asking her out for a date, and girls look up to her as a role model.

Heck, she was elected president of the cooking club, despite not being very good at cooking, because of those traits. Most people would readily vote for her if she ran for student council president, but she feels it’s not for her; club president is good enough for her. In addition, she has the best grades in her class, and loves offering homework help to her peers.

She can be considered to have the most attractive looks out of all the girls on campus, but she’s rather humble about it.

Of course she has her flaws, and nobody in the story is perfect. Aurelia feels like she has to make everyone happy. But every time you make someone or a group happy, there is someone or a group that is going to be unhappy about whatever it is.  Some of her peers even make her go through hell because they are unhappy with her. Another flaw that is most obvious is her lack of cooking skill, despite being club president, as stated above. I’d like to list another flaw about her here but it’s kind of spoiler-ish. ^_~

No matter what wrong is done to her, Aurelia is always forgiving. She loves her family, her friends and the students around her, unconditionally.

I really need to update her profile on the Characters page… it feels so out of date. Same goes for the other characters.

Check out the previous posts if you don’t know what she looks like!

-Ryne (project manager / writer / composer)

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