Romance music, and more

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Here’s some more music for Memoria.


Test 5 v2: I posted Test 5 a while back, but it was incomplete. The one posted here is the completed version, with bells and such.

Test 6: Eyecatch theme, played in-between days. Of course, this theme has to be short.

Test 9: A warm and emotional moment theme. First time experimenting using CV gate to control the volume (used on the piano). If any of you guys played the VN, With Ribbon, then you might notice it sounds like one of its tracks; that’s because I heavily based it off of that. It makes it so much easier to create music when you have a source to base it off of; also gives me an opportunity to try out new audio processing techniques 🙂

Test 10: H-scene \ Romantic \ confession \ first kiss theme. Okay, 9 and 10 can be used interchangeably, but this is for more intimate moments between the characters. You may not notice it, but this is the first time I changed key signatures mid-song (near the end though).

I’ve already started Test 8 a while back, which is comedic scene music; still in the works, though (mostly a remix of 5). Then there’s tense and sad music, which might be a little difficult to create; might have to utilize the minor scale to create them (most of the music I create is with the major scale in mind). It’s worth a try, though. Having references (like With Ribbon music) should make it easier.

One more thing…

There’s a good chance that me and my sis (the artist) will be at AX 2012; more on that on a later post.


-Ryne (writer/composer/project manager)

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