Creating tense music

June 29, 2012 at 12:53 pm | Posted in Music | Leave a comment

Creating tense music seemed easier than I thought.

Most of the music I created tend to be, say, stable. Tense music seems quite intimidating to create, especially if you’re used to creating music in consonance; tenseness requires use of dissonance, or instability.

But… I found several secrets to creating tense music, at least what works for me: 1. going out of key, 2. staccato notes, 3.  going sub-bass, and 4. abusing tritones. Keeping that in mind made it so much easier to create tense music. But of course I have my musical references from other VNs to get an idea.

Here it is: Memoria Test 17

To be honest, I think it needs more work.

It’s all in your attitude on how you approach things; gotta be willing to try out new things as well as problem solving.

-Ryne (project manager/writer/composer)

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