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August 31, 2012 at 12:53 pm | Posted in Characters, Music, Story | 3 Comments
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Time for some new music! New ones, plus a revision. Well, it’s not really a “good morning” post since I posted this around noon, but whatever. 😛

Memoria Test 4 – Good morning music; based it off of a certain track in the Japanese VN, With Ribbon. Tried to give it an airy, fresh feel, like as if you’re starting a new day.

Memoria Test 7 V3 – Having fun, cheerful music, or obligatory beach scene music. Tried to improve it some more by giving it more substance. Altered the piano line somewhat, added some substance to the part between 0:26 – 0:53, remastered it, and among others.

Memoria Test 16 – I’d like to call it… music that makes you so happy that you want to cry. You know, this was originally going to be Test 9, but then for some reason it “split into two.” Listen to the intro part. Also stole some elements from Anna’s theme music. 😛

Regarding the story

You know… I kind of notice that I don’t really post much about the story these days. I can safely say that it’s progressing very well despite some setbacks near the end of last month. Mikaela and Anna’s routes are seemingly near final draft status (after a second round of revisions).

Tristina’s route… is kind of questionable. It’s got problems regarding her behaviors and actions. I’ve read through it this month and made the necessary changes, but it’s going to need another round of revisions (a third round).

And then the First Semester, Julia, and Aurelia’s routes. I haven’t even started the second round of revisions yet! The First Semester is on my next to-do list, followed by Aurelia, then Julia.


You want new artworks? Well, there’s a good chance that there will be some soon. 🙂

Hope you enjoy the new content.

– Ryne (project manager)


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  1. Memoria 4

    I get the idea of starting from the middle point being morning theme.
    But having the beginning seems a bit odd to me.

    Memoria 7v3

    This one’s good, pretty upbeat. Gives off a bright morning feeling.
    Kinda like having the characters greeting each other in the morning while
    their running off to school.

    Memoria 16

    I guess this could be a morning song. But somehow it feels like one of those special moments happening during the day type of theme song too.
    They had these types in Ranma 1/2 and I used to love hearing them.

  2. Forgot, to say good work on these. I enjoyed listening to the last two!!

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