Poll #4 – Pronouncing names, and name jokes

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Yeah, it’s been a looooong time since poll #3 (well over a year!). But here’s a new one nonetheless. 🙂

Several of the characters have rather uncommon names, and I understand if they’re hard to pronounce (or interpret when others hear and say it). This is particularly the case for Mikaela, Aurelia, and the male protagonist Ryne.

Heck, in the story, when Aurelia is introduced Ryne  hears it as “Amelia.” And Aurelia hears Ryne as “Renee.” Them referring to those names is sort of a running gag throughout the story. Like for example:

  • Aurelia: Hello, Renee!
  • Ryne: What is it, Amelia?
  • Aurelia: Ooooh, my name is not Amelia!
  • Ryne: Well, my name is “Ryne,” not “Renee!”

Okay, here’s the poll. I’m particularly curious about how others pronounce the uncommon names upon first sight. For the record, the official pronunciation of them in-game are:

  • Mikaela: mi-kay-la
  • Aurelia: or-rel-ee-ya
  • Ryne: rhine, like the Rhine River

Vote once for each name, for a total of three.

Why the uncommon names? Because I felt they fit them well. I’ve told my sis once that Anna’s name may be too plain and she responded that “they can’t have all crazy names.” XD And yes, if you haven’t noticed already the male protagonist is named after myself. 😛

– Ryne (project manager)

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