Why Anna and Aurelia look like sisters

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Anna casual outfitAurelia casual outfit

Okay, time for a somewhat silly blog post. 😀 Well, you can say that I’m trying to compensate for lack of new artworks as of late. And perhaps you can learn a bit more about the story.

Anna and Aurelia have quite a bit of similarities to each other that one can mistaken them for being sisters.

In the past, I was originally going to make them sisters, but in the end they differ in their values so much that I decided to give them different parents. I would safely say that Anna and her family tend to be more relaxed, while Aurelia and her family tend to be more strict.

Anna’s grades at school tend to be, say, rather average, even if she tries her best. Her mother is not particularly strict; while she does care for her daughter’s education, she’s not overly paranoid and controlling of what she does. She is an easygoing and relaxed mother who enjoys smalltalk – heck, she likes to tell embarrassing stories about her daughter (this might be one cause that Anna is self-conscious).

Aurelia, on the other hand, has the best grades at the school. She has to deal with so much stress in her life – from her strict and controlling parents, from students asking her for advice, being club president, and the pressure to keep her grades up. To keep the stress under control she comes to school every day with a smile on her face, giving the impression to others that she never gets angry.

Okay, why Anna and Aurelia look like they can be sisters?

Anna and Aurelia hair flip

  • Their names begin, and end, with the same letter
  • They both have brown hair and blue eyes
  • Both of their hair “flips” in a way (see above picture). I’ll bet if Anna lets her hair down, her hair will look similar to Aurelia’s, only much longer. (side note: man, I love Aurelia’s hair :p)
  • They both wear dresses in their casual outfits
  • They both have kind and gentle personalities

If I ever make them sisters, it’s going to mess up the whole story, because then either I have to make 1. Anna have Aurelia’s parents, and make her share the stresses Aurelia has, or 2. Aurelia has Anna’s lenient mother, and needs to have a reason why she is stressed and hiding it with a smile. It’s like I have to re-write the entire story.

Of course, Anna views Aurelia as a big sister figure, and Aurelia views Anna like a little sister.

Just in case people get the wrong message, Anna and Aurelia are not sisters! I created this post out of curiosity and for fun.

-Ryne (project manager)

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