Julia ver 2.0 music

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Julia in her casual outfit

Here’s version 2 of Julia’s theme music! Changes include:

  • Made the piano more, say, ethereal. This was achieved by combining two instruments.
  • Minor changes to the bass. Added subtle emphasis on certain notes (through automation).
  • Swapped the flute’s reverb FX for a delay line; I feel that this will add more substance.
  • Some volume automation done on the flute line.
  • Minor changes to reverb. You most likely won’t notice it though, but I did change it.


If there’s one thing I need work on, it’s the mastering. For most of the music I do I try to adjust the compressor and equalizer so that the music sounds “good enough.” But listening to music of other VNs, my music sounds quite… amateur-ish. For some reason I can’t find that “sweet spot” in terms of finding the right equalizer and compressor levels.

During my time in college I took a class that uses Reason in conjunction with Pro Tools, with using the latter for audio mastering. As of right now I’m stuck with using Reason’s mastering tools, and we never went in depth with mastering using Reason. Oh well make do with what you have.

Anyway, hope you enjoy Julia’s theme music. 🙂

-Ryne (project manager)

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