For Mikaela Fans, Part 2

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To be honest I had other plans for blog posts this month but something turned up and I just had to post it!

You might have remembered a post I made last year titled “For Mikaela Fans.”  Well, here’s another “Mikaela Fan” post. I happened to catch one of my old forum buddies via IM last night, who was doing a live stream of his drawings. And he was kind to draw another Mikaela pic (and with his permission allowed me to post her here) 🙂

Click to view full body pic of Mikaela (borderline NSFW)

Click on thumbnail to view full-body. Just a little warning that this pic is borderline NSFW.

This guy is amazing. Although he needed a brief look at what Mikaela looks like, he goes straight to drawing the shape of her body, without the use of stick figures to guide him. And it seemed like he just came up with that pose. He’s pretty quick, too, like taking at least 10 or so mins on it. Well, he’s been drawing for a very long time; heck his drawings were (and still are) pretty awesome back when I first met him 8+ or so years ago.

Mikaela happens to be his favorite character, BTW. He’s done other girls too but I’d rather not show em now (man, his pics of Aurelia…).

*nosebleeds* Enjoy!

-Ryne (project manager)

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