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August 16, 2013 at 8:39 am | Posted in Artwork, Characters, Commissions | 3 Comments
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Good morning! Here I present to you some artwork I commissioned from someone. Yes, of all five Memoria girls!

Chibi Tristina drawn by Diana (Detoreik)Chibi Aurelia drawn by Diana (Detoreik)Chibi Julia drawn by Diana (Detoreik)

Chibi Anna drawn by Diana (Detoreik)Chibi Mikaela drawn by Diana (Detoreik)

Click to view larger for each of em.

All credit to Diana (aka Detoreik) for drawing these adorable chibis, and posted here with her permission ^_^ Yes, I commissioned them a month earlier if you check her profile. And I could’ve posted them here sooner, but I felt there was no rush.

I think I might use them for the layout design of this blog. It needs a long overdue redesign.

It feels really fresh to see something new (along with my friend’s Mikaela artwork). I think while my sis is on hiatus I’ll try commissioning other artists to draw Memoria characters. But of course they’ll never replace my sister as she’s the main artist for this project; it’ll be an insult to her, the project, and possibly everyone else, if I simply replace her.

Of course, you do like seeing something new posted here that’s visual, right?

I hope you enjoy these chibis! 😀

-Ryne (project manager)

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