Aurelia commission

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Another art commission! Just Aurelia this time, shaded in a nice blue tone.

Aurelia drawn by Deji

Click to view full image.

So beautiful! Sketched by Deji as a reward for contributing to her fundraiser for her trip to Dallas. I was expecting a black and white sketch, but she happened to go the extra mile and added the blues and shading. Much thanks to her!

The best part of Aurelia? It’s her hair, I just love how it flips and all. You know I could write several paragraphs about Aurelia’s character design but I’ll save it for a later post (as well as the other girls). And regarding Aurelia’s v2 theme music:

Aurelia: “Sorry, it’s not ready yet, dear!” ❤

Otherwise, hope you enjoy her!

– Ryne (project manager)

Anna’s cute theme music

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Anna in her casual outfit

It took a little over half a year to post this, but here’s Anna’s version 2 theme music!

  • Added a delay line effect to the piano. Most noticeable 0:28-0:41
  • Added a reverb effect to bass and drums
  • Worked more on the glockenspiel, i.e. added more notes
  • Worked on the piano line some, to make it more interesting. Especially after 0:28
  • Changed volume level on piano slightly
  • Minor change of some notes of other instruments


Lots of stuff about Anna is so cute. From her personality, looks, outfit, and even her theme music. I need to get someone to do a voice sample of her; I imagine it being soft. Anna is the epitome of cute ^.^

Well, I have to admit, Anna seems to be growing on me quite a bit in the story…

Enjoy Anna’s v2 music! I’ll be sad if you dont ;_;

– Ryne (project manager)

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