Happy Birthday Aurelia

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Happy birthday to Aurelia today! To celebrate, I’ve got a couple new things!

Aurelia drawn by Hyanna-Natsu

Art commission done by Hyanna-Natsu (posted with her permission); click to view larger.

Aurelia’s character design is quite interesting; she gets excellent grades at school, yet she can be a little dense in conversations and is quite flirty. The pantyhose she wears with her school uniform, in a way, accentuates her personality. It gives her an air of a professional, mature, young woman, yet, makes her quite seductive.

…Yeah. I think Hyanna drew hot legs. Very hot legs in pantyhose. *nosebleeds*

If you’re curious you can read the comments of this piece here on DA.

And finally, the last of the girls’ v2 theme music! Aurelia’s theme music v2 and v2.1:

  • Changes from v1 to v2:
    • Changed background french horn to strings
    • Changed bass to a fretless bass
    • Better reverb effects (subtle)
    • Changed drum kits
  • Changes from v2 to v2.1
    • High-quality samples for drums and piano
    • Guitar line changed to piano
    • Am I missing something…?

Since getting a new computer recently, I’ve migrated to a newer version of Reason using new devices as well as finding higher-quality sound samples. So it’s possible that there will be v3 of character theme music, as well as the other music. Aurelia’s theme music is the first to get these new things in her music (in v2.1) 🙂

I hope you enjoy! Or Aurelia will be sad

-Ryne (project manger)

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