Mikaela’s Birthday

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Happy birthday to Mikaela! ^_^

Mikaela drawn by Chiiteru

Click to view larger.

Art commission done by Chiiteru. Thanks! This is Mikaela going about her daily routine after school, doing homework and listening music on her MP3 player, in her room. I believe this is the first pic ever of a Memoria girl set in a background environment (I could be wrong…)! All the other pics have a solid plain or transparent BG (not that it’s a bad thing). Maybe next time I’ll have them interacting with one another.

Read comments of this piece here on DA if you’re curious.

Gonna go off on a tangent here, but I couldn’t get enough sleep last night! Was out all night watching “Madoka Magica Part 3:  Rebellion”! I can say that… it got really creepy at times, especially with Homura. But I loved it nevertheless! Try to watch it when you get the chance, although you might not get it if you’ve never seen the anime eps and/or the first two movies.

I want the soundtrack, beautiful music.

Madoka Magica Part 3 : Rebellion Movie posters.

Will edit this post and post a link to a gallery containing more pics later (including cosplay).

Edit: Click here for some more photos. I know, it’s not much, as there wasn’t much to see there. I do have other pics but I’m not exactly comfortable sharing them here. At least you get to see some cute cosplayers. 😉

Yeah, so what I did with Mikaela on the night before her birthday was watch Madoka Magica Part 3: Rebellion. And we had a great time. XD (in reality took my sister and a friend)


-Ryne (project manager)

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