Secret project music

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…or more like musical revisions. 😛 But they’ll be used in the secret project alright.

Here’s a revision of Memoria Test 7, v4. Changes include:

  • Added a short intro
  • Higher quality samples (drums, piano)
  • More tubular bells!
  • Changed drum patterns in certain parts


Wow, I have multiple revisions of this music. I have to admit that this is one of my favorite tunes I composed, being very cheerful.

Regarding the secret project, no details about it until sometime in February, when I have a significant portion of it done (I hope). Well, I’ll let out one detail, it has to do something with food. 🙂

Enjoy and stay tuned!

-Ryne (project manager)

Some New Year Plans

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First off, would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

I’ve been running this blog for so long already! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to complete a single visual novel since I created this blog; I do have Final Week (and some small ones) but that was finished before I started this blog.

Got some bad news, and some good news; first the bad news:

It seems like Memoria is going nowhere due to severe setbacks. What I’ve been doing lately to keep this blog alive is commissioning artists just because I wanted to see new artworks of the Memoria girls, and among other stuff that will not be put in the final game. I’ve been stalling a bit in hopes that my artist sister will resume in the main Memoria artworks. But, it doesn’t look that way anytime soon (unless some miracle happens…).

And some good news:

I’m not giving up on Memoria! I’m not going to replace my sister anytime soon despite her not working on it for quite a long time. In addition I’ve been revising music, and revising each of the girls’ route outlines, so at least there’s progress. Once I’m done revising Julia’s route (3rd round) I’m planning on putting this project on hiatus, because…

A smaller VN is in the works right now. See, Memoria is big, and big projects take a looooong time to complete. So I decided to go small and create a small VN. It will feature all the Memoria girls you’ve come to love, plus all those music tracks I’ve created. I’m planning on commissioning an artist for that project, although I’m not going to start recruiting until I get a significant part of the script done. And as for the title?

More details I’ll reveal in a later post.

By working on smaller projects it’ll help things go smoother once Memoria is back on a regular schedule.

Sorry, no pictures this time! But I do thank you all for supporting Project Memoria throughout the years, and especially through hard times. I hope to release a small VN (or maybe more) this year for you all!

Again, Happy New Years 2014, and best wishes to everyone! 😀

-Ryne (project manager)

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