Cafe Memoria Character Art and More

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Some of the waitresses of Cafe Memoria

Café Memoria has made great strides! Now is time to meet some of your lovely waitresses! Ezri is the character artist for this project. Thanks to her!

Click to view larger.

Cafe Memoria - Anna Pervova

Anna Pervova

Anna is the daughter of the owner of the restaurant, Elena. She startles easily and is quite shy. Her mother thinks that by allowing her daughter to work, her confidence will improve. However, she doesn’t think so. Because of her personality she tends to fidget a lot and is quite clumsy.


Cafe Memoria - Mikaela Kier

Mikaela Kier

Mikaela is Ryne’s childhood friend, and is somewhat overprotective of him. She inadvertently broke something expensive, and now she’s forced into a part-time job to pay it off. She has a very short temper and loses patience easily. Often gets into petty arguments with Julia.


Cafe Memoria - Aurelia Alvarez

Aurelia Alvarez

Aurelia wanted to work at the restaurant because of a certain guy she knows is a regular there, who she considers a very sweet guy. She is perhaps the nicest, and the most physically attractive girl in the restaurant, albeit airheaded and lacking in common sense.


Of course there are some more waitresses to be done (Tristina / Julia) and the male protagonist (Ryne). Stay tuned!

And one more thing:

(Click Here – Youtube video)

Credit to Uncle Mugen for designing the restaurant!

Progress Estimates

  • Script – 90% (preparing script for Ren’Py / VAs)
  • Character art – ~40%
  • Music – 90% (need to tweak stuff)
  • Programming – 6-10% (just the GUI)
  • Voices – 0%


-Ryne (project manager)

Cafe Memoria – BGs in progress

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Just a little quick blog post, and an insight to the background art of Cafe Memoria!

So… I decided to use SketchUp and do my own backgrounds. Tried to follow Uncle Mugen’s tutorial on creating backgrounds as best as I can,  and… here’s what I came up with.

Click to view larger:

Cafe Memoria Exterior

Cafe Memoria Interior

This is only a sample of what I created. Maybe I’ll post more later, perhaps with a character sprite.

Credit to Uncle Mugen for some of the models used.

Progress Estimates

  • Script – 80% (in the proofread phase)
  • Character art – 17% (will reveal later)
  • Music – 90% (need to tweak stuff)
  • Programming – 6-10% (just the GUI)
  • Voices – 0%

At the rate I’m going, I think I’ll have to push the release date to sometime around August 2014.


-Ryne (project manager)

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