Voice Actresses and Actor for Cafe Memoria

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Cafe Memoria LogoEdit: Closed! Thanks to those who applied!

It’s finally time! I’m looking for voice talents for Cafe Memoria! See here for details.

Thanks so much!

-Ryne (project manager)

More Cafe Memoria Character Art

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Cafe Memoria - Julia and Tristina

Meet some more of your lovely waitresses of Cafe Memoria! And the male protagonist. Art is by Ezri, thanks to her again!

Click to view larger.

Cafe Memoria - Tristina Hamilton

Tristina Hamilton

Tristina decided to work at the restaurant because she thinks they’re cosplaying, although Anna insists they’re not. Despite this, she has a hard time with males and treats them differently compared to females.

Cafe Memoria - Julia Sakuraba

Julia Sakuraba

Despite having a talent for cooking, Julia opted to be a waitress in hopes of improving her relationships with her friends, including Anna. She’s very modest and polite, and downplays any accomplishments she’s done.

Cafe Memoria - Ryne Reyes

Ryne Reyes

Ryne is the main male protagonist who visits Café Memoria simply out of curiosity. Described as calm and friendly by his friends, he likes to help his friends with the problems they face.

And some screenshots:

Cafe Memoria model designed by Uncle Mugen

Happy Anna!

Showing off the various expressions

Updated options screen

Note for the screenshot just above: background is only a placeholder until I get title art done.

Progress Estimates

  • Script – 100%
  • Character art – ~80% (working on title screen)
  • Music – 95% (need to tweak stuff)
  • Programming – 10% (programming in the script / artworks)
  • Voices – 0%

The release date will have to be pushed to Fall 2014. Yeah, I keep pushing it back, but I need more time to work on this! In the meantime, hope you enjoy what you see!

-Ryne (project manager)

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