Cafe Memoria Making Progress

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Been a long while since last post, eh? Voice processing is going slow, but steady. Been trying to make a push to get them completed so I can move on to other stuff for the project.

I just need to wait for the final redos of Julia’s lines, and currently in the process of processing Aurelia’s lines. Working with the various voice actresses for this project has taught me quite a lot of things, one of the most important being patient and communication. Even though I’ve waited quite a long time for several actresses’ lines, they were well worth the wait. I could very easily lose my patience, but it held on. I think that’s due to the fact that while they had their priorities and dealing with setbacks, I had a pretty hectic work schedule, working crazy shift hours and such. I felt like I can relate in a way. ^.^;

Communication was especially important. Doesn’t matter how long stuff takes to get done; if there’s no communication, well, stuff won’t get done!

Okay, some progress percentages!

Voice Lines Processed:

  • Anna: 100%
  • Mikaela: 100%
  • Tristina: 100%
  • Aurelia: 10% – currently processing her lines
  • Julia: 0% – not processed yet, waiting for redos / rest of lines
  • Ryne: 100% – despite having the most lines out of all the characters, his lines weren’t that bad to sort out

Progress Estimates

  • Script: 100%
  • Character art: 90% – (you know, I think I’m going to commission some more artwork)
  • Music: 95% (need to tweak stuff)
  • Programming: ~75% (testing, and need to add in the voices)
  • Voices: ~70% (waiting on the last bits of recordings, as well as post-processing)

One more thing I’d like to share! A little bonus…
…Actually, I think it can wait some more. I want to post it along with something. ^^

Wow, it’s been a year since I started working on Cafe Memoria. Time flys quickly, eh? Anyway have a safe and happy holidays, and don’t drink and drive!


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