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January 27, 2015 at 1:18 pm | Posted in Artwork, Characters, Progress, Writing | Leave a comment
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Hope your new year has been going well so far!

Progress has been going well! Now that I’ve received the last of Julia’s redo lines I’ve already started post-processing them, and trying to make a push to get them done. Processing those voice files is so tedious, it’s taking me… 3-4 months to do them? I know Cafe Memoria’s a fairly short VN, but my work schedule is one factor of the processing time. But hey, I’m almost done with audio post-processing!

Also, I commissioned some more artwork from Ezri, and here are some teasers:

Anna and Mikaela teaser art

Just a few of the girls, I will be showing the full versions once I receive all of them. And also that bonus I mentioned in the previous post. 🙂

Voice Lines Processed:

  • Anna: 100%
  • Mikaela: 100%
  • Tristina: 100%
  • Aurelia: 100%
  • Julia: 55% – processing her lines
  • Ryne: 100%

Progress Estimates

  • Script: 100%
  • Character art: 95% – commissioning more artworks
  • Music: 95% – need to tweak stuff
  • Programming: ~75% – testing, and need to add in the voices
  • Voices: ~85% – just post-processing Julia’s lines, and I’m done!

We’re getting there! Let’s make a push to get this project done.


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