Shiro-Cafe Memoria-Bako

February 23, 2015 at 1:11 pm | Posted in Progress | Leave a comment

Something came up as I tested the Cafe Memoria post-processed voices in-game!

A big problem came up – the voices were not loud enough. Not the volume setting of the game itself, but the voice files themselves. I tried lowering the volume of the BGM (the files themselves, not in the game), but that didn’t help. I’m pretty upset at the fact that I didn’t save the processed files as wav, then save a copy as ogg. So that means I have to post-process the whole batch again. F***!!

Some good news, though. I should be able to process them fairly quickly since I know what to edit and whatnot. And I already have a good chunk redone; re-post-processed Anna and Mikaela’s lines, and in the middle of redoing Tristina’s. Fortunately it’s just the girls I have to redo, not Ryne’s lines (since his are already nice and loud enough).

I’m pushing Cafe Memoria’s release date to around mid 2015 (tentative). You know, I kind of feel like I’m in the anime Shirobako. Just like there’s drama involved in the process of creating anime, I’m having some drama in VN creation. ^^ (side note: Shirobako is a pretty good anime!)

To the voice actresses: No, there’s no need for retakes, what I have is fine. It’s just me who happened to process them wrong! >_<

I’ll try to post some new artworks in the next post!


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