We’re Getting There!

April 20, 2015 at 12:01 pm | Posted in Artwork, Progress | 6 Comments
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We’re inching closer to releasing Cafe Memoria!

With the toughest phases of the project behind me, I can focus on the easy stuff. That is, fixing up the GUI a bit, tweak up the music, and adding some minor features and whatnot. (need to clean up the project folder too 😛 )

Here’s a sample screen on how the project looks now:


Looking pretty good, eh? Compare to before:


The game looks like it’s pretty much done! But as stated earlier, stuff needs to be fixed up a bit. I’m aiming for a release in a month or two, but that’s largely going to be affected by my upcoming irregular work schedule (grave shift is brutal!!!).

Progress Estimates

  • Script: 100%
  • Character art: 100%
  • Music: ~99% – likely needs some minor fixing up
  • Programming: ~85% – adding some minor stuff, cleaning up code, etc.
  • Voices: 100%


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