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July 27, 2015 at 9:40 am | Posted in Plans | 3 Comments
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It’s been a month since the release of Cafe Memoria! First off, thank you guys so much to those who played Cafe Memoria and liked it. It gives me motivation to work on the next project!

The reception has generally been warm, although I did read a few comments from haters… you know who you are. Yeah, reading those comments hurt quite a bit. But I’m not going to let a few hateful comments bring me down! You know, I think learning to deal with haters is part of the process as well.

But to the majority who supported Cafe Memoria, thank you, thank you again! It’s time to announce the next project! Or simply just ideas.

Idea #1: Cafe Memoria sequel

Perhaps the most obvious. Some stuff I’m thinking of include adding more food and drinks, improving the feedback system (it had its flaws) and making it a longer VN. And the ability to date one of the girls. Sounds tasty, right?

Idea #2: A puzzle game / VN hybrid

Ok, so I played this VN / puzzle game called Madoka Etoiles, and it’s pretty fun. That got me thinking, why not create something inspired by that? Like a Cafe Memoria VN / puzzle game, with food symbols, and such. However, going this route is going to be a challenge for me, as I have limited experience in puzzle game creation.

Speaking of puzzle games, I’ve did try creating a Tetris clone once with some success. However, the code was messy and inefficient >>;

Idea #3: A VN focusing on one of the Cafe Memoria girls

Maybe I should downsize a bit and create a VN focusing on one of the girls. No other characters, just you and any one of the girls. That means it could only be Julia, Mikaela, Anna, etc… any one of them. Doing such a project is likely possible, since I need a break from doing something of Cafe Memoria’s scale.

These are the only few ideas I have in mind, they may or may not be the next projects.

Do expect some sort of announcement next month (unless Kantai Collection sidetracks me significantly)! If you haven’t already, do let me know what you thought of Cafe Memoria. Thanks and see you again!


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