Cafe Memoria Sequel Announced!

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Due to popular demand, I’ve decided to do a Cafe Memoria sequel!

Yes, it’s going to be titled “Café Memoria Deux”. While I know that “deux” is French for “two”, I’m not exactly sure how to pronounce it. “du”? “duce”?


  • The food selection makes a return! Select a from a new menu of foods, featuring snacks such as crepes, and breakfast items and new drinks.
  • An improved rating system. Cafe Memoria’s rating system was a bit flawed, as it’s possible to rate a waitress a 1 in a category, while a 10 in others, and still get the best rating – it didn’t really account for individual questions. I am planning to make the new feedback system a bit more dynamic in waitress responses. As in, for example, she’ll comment about how you liked her customer service skills, but will sound disappointed if you think the food tasted terrible XD
  • Your favorite five waitresses will make a return!
  • Dating! Yes, that’s right. Depending on how well you treat your waitresses, you may be asked out on a date. Heck, she just might become your girlfriend ^.^
  • New characters! In “Cafe Memoria”, Elena has been mentioned several times, but you never see her – this time she’ll make an appearance. In addition, two new characters are planned, including Aurelia’s brother.
    • This means that if you weren’t selected in the auditioning process of “Cafe Memoria”, you might land a spot in the sequel! (Note: not auditioning just yet!)
  • And among other things

The VN is still in the planning stages. While I’ve got the features planned out, the story still needs to be outlined. It is certainly going to be longer than its predecessor, but the question as to how long I’m still undecided on.

Again thanks for your feedback on Cafe Memoria, those suggestions will be considered in the sequel. And thanks for the warm reception, because that has inspired me to try and create a sequel! The experience gained from the creation of Cafe Memoria will certainly help here.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Otherwise, look forward to it!


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