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I must admit I couldn’t get much Café Memoria Deux (CMD) progress done between last blog post and now. Working a single grave shift and multiple days on day shift every week can get draining. And just last week had a really rough schedule that consisted of a single day off in between work days, and faced three days on grave and two days on day. I’m working such a schedule for at least 4+ months already because someone quit and I have to pick up the slack on grave shift. I wish they hired someone already. But at least they granted me my time off, and currently enjoying it. I’m hoping for quite a bit of CMD progress done during that time.

I haven’t outlined the story just yet, I’m still working out the character profiles, their background story, likes / dislikes and whatnot, as well as the system. Speaking of which, a typical day in CMD might go like this:

  • Events at home / at school / etc
  • Go to the café
  • Select your drink
  • Select your food
  • Eat your food
  • Rate your waitress
  • Events at home / at school / etc

In Café Memoria, you spent most of your time at the cafe. In CMD, you are able to spend quite a bit of time outside of the café. Before or after you go to the cafe, you spend some time with a girl (whether it be at home, school, etc), and have a chance to improve your relationship with her. I’m trying to make the game in such a way that the girls have a schedule – they have days off and days they work.

I could very easily make it so that one day you’re hanging out with Julia on her day off. And when you enter the café, Mikaela is serving you, but she gives you a hard time because she sees Julia as her rival. Perhaps I could implement a “jealousy” system of some sorts XD

I have quite a bit of ideas for the sequel, and this game seems like it’s going to be large. I’m a little torn on how long this game should be, maybe the game should span a month of in-game time (not a month to complete the game)? I’m trying to assess what’s feasible / realistic towards completing CMD, in regards to my budget and work schedule.

I really should start making a schedule for myself, on by what day I should get x and y done.

Okay, that should be all for now. I hope CMD will have quite a bit of progress by the end of next month!


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