Lots of CMD Progress!

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I am happy to say that I’ve covered a lot of ground outlining Cafe Memoria Deux’s story. I’m still a little undecided how long the game should be – should it span a month (in-game), including the girls’ routes? Or should the common route span a month, then branch off from there? I’m leaning towards the former. It’s going to take a bit of restructuring, but it shouldn’t be too hard.

I’ve outlined how the first week should play out. Similar to the prequel, with each day focusing on a single girl / waitress. But the major difference here is you are presented with a quite a bit of choices. Not just selecting your food and rating your waitresses, but making choices in response to various situations. Your food selection, feedback, and any other choices you make have a strong impact on which girl you end up with. You also have a chance to hang out with a girl on the weekend, further increasing your relationship with her.

Do note that a few of the girls can play hard-to-get (guess).

If you love Cafe Memoria, then you’re going to love Cafe Memoria Deux. While it’s still a slice-of-life genre, you will learn more about the girls – her likes / dislikes, her backstory, and any problems she’s going through. I’m currently watching the third season of the anime Working!!!, and there was this character I didn’t particularly like, spanning back to season one.  But after watching this certain episode and learning about her backstory, I feel that I gained a better appreciation of her.  In comparison I think CMD will make you appreciate and like the characters even more. 🙂

I’m hoping to have some CMD artworks ready for next month (or in December), specifically of the new characters. Still deciding on how they should look, but I have a rough mental image of Anna’s mother Elena. She looks like her daughter in a way, but I see her in her late 30s, blue eyes, and long brown hair that’s tied near the bottom. But unlike her daughter, she’s not shy and is rather casual about things.

Side note: Somehow this post coincides with my birthday (the 26th). Just something to note ^.^

Thanks for reading!


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