Meet Elena, Cafe Memoria Owner

November 23, 2015 at 10:22 am | Posted in Artwork, Characters, Commissions, Progress, Story, Writing | 2 Comments
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I want you all to meet Elena Pervova, businesswoman, entrepreneur, and owner of Cafe Memoria! And of course, Anna’s mother. 🙂

Cafe Memoria - Elena PervovaClick to view larger. Concept art courtesy of Ezri.


Elena is the owner of Café Memoria, as well as the mother of Anna. She is pretty easygoing and likes to tell embarrassing stories about her daughter. However, when the time arises, she can get pretty serious. She hopes to pass on the café to her daughter, but with her being so timid, she’s not so sure.

I managed to commission some concept artworks of the new characters, and of course Elena is one of them. What do you guys think of her? Her legs are kind of sexy, don’t you guys think? There are two other new characters, but they haven’t been done yet.

As far as story progress goes, it’s going very well; I’m nearly done outlining the second week. You guys are in for a treat when you get to that point in the story – there’s a party at the end of the second week, but what kind of party? Not going to reveal, but let’s just say I’m taking advantage of the fact that CMD takes place in the summer. It’s hot, and what better time is to go out and play? 😉

I’ve decided that CMD is going to take place over the course of three weeks. It was originally going to be four weeks (or probably more, can’t remember), but I’ve written so much story of the girls that there probably wouldn’t be much left to write about if it were four weeks. I think it would be still enjoyable having the game span that much time.

Oh yeah, this week is Thanksgiving. A little bummed out that I’m working on that day (yeah, my job is one of those 24/7/365 establishments), but at least they’ll pay double. But I’ll say in advance, Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for following me and my projects, hope you’ll stick around for the completion of CMD. Also, stay safe, use common sense, and don’t drink and drive (I’m serious)!


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