New Year Progress

January 25, 2016 at 10:04 am | Posted in Plans, Progress, Story, Writing | 2 Comments
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Hope your new year is going well so far! 🙂

No new artworks this time, but I can say I’ve made significant progress in outlining CMD’s story. Within a month, I’ve managed to outline three out of the five girls’ routes. I’m trying not to let my work schedule slow me down as I’ve set a February deadline to get them done. It’s tough as I’m pretty tired after work and just want to laze around and play games. But I just keep a motivated face and fight through.

Gotta admit, I go through phases of: 1. not wanting to do anything, 2. then there’s work on the project but not putting forth much effort, 3. and then there’s me putting lots of effort into it. Right now I’m in the #3 phase as I’m going through a writing spree as of late. If I’m working grave shift then that’s going to put me into 1 or 2 due to lack of sleep, but thankfully I’m done with such a schedule. How does one make a living working grave? Yeah, there are people who love working those hours, but still…

Because I’m almost done outlining, next month I’ll likely have my outlines open for volunteers to critique. After that I’ll start writing the rough draft of the script. Look forward to it, and see what Anna and her friends are up to! 🙂


  • Outline: ~85%
  • Script: not started yet
  • Artworks: not started yet (not counting the concept artworks)
  • Voices: not started yet


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