Don’t slander your waitress

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Modified rating system

Hey guys! I bring to you CMD’s rating system, making a return from Café Memoria. Looks mostly the same, right? Sure, I might’ve copied and pasted old code and assets into the newer, but there’s quite a bit of changes:

  • Removed the yes/no questions: “Did your waitress do something exceptional”, “Would you like to come back here again”, and “Did you like the waitress overall” – I feel these don’t offer any flexibility in the girls’ reactions
  • Added a 1-10 rating: “Tip amount” – yes, you can tip your waitress now 🙂
  • These remain the same: “Friendliness”, “How quickly food was served”, “Food quality”, “comments”
  • In the previous Café Memoria, each girl had three possible reactions: “bad, neutral, good”. For flexibility, CMD offers five possible overall reactions: “bad, mediocre, neutral, good, best”
  • Above reactions have an impact on your relationship with the girls. Relationship gained / lost varies between girls as well, e.g. relationship gained from Anna’s “good” rating is different from Aurelia’s “good” rating.
  • To prevent hair-pulling in getting the girl you want, there’s a hint box you can open, as to which words to type in the comment box. Sample words you can type in:
    • “Negative” words: irk her with words like “bad”, or ruin her day with words like “incompetent”
    • “Positive” words: put a smile on her face with words like “good”, or make her love you with words like “vivacious”
    • Each word has a varying weight to her overall reaction score
  • There’s also various major changes to the system’s backend you probably wouldn’t care about, just as long as it functions as it should, right?

I think this way, the rating system is simplified a bit, but at the same time a little more flexible. GUI would have to be reworked a bit, though.

Lastly, quoting from previous blog post:

There’s a chance I’ll be doing some recruiting next month.

Well, it’s not going to happen. Mostly because I did some scouting and I found someone for the job. Yes, I’ve already found a background artist for Café Memoria Deux. Apologies if any of you were looking forward to working with me and doing BGs, but I’ve been eyeing this BG artist for quite a while already, and waiting for her spots to be open. Her style is really what I’m after.

Note: My BG artist and character / sprite artist are different people – I say that because I know some character artists out there do BGs as well (and vice-versa)!

With that said, I hope you look forward to seeing her work for CMD! I plan to reveal the name of my BG artist and hope to have some samples by next month’s post.

Thanks for reading! (PS: Don’t slander your waitress, even if you don’t like her! 😉 )


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