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2018/05/28 – Closed! Thanks to those who applied!

I’m recruiting a food artist for Café Memoria Deux!

Some overview of the project

This visual novel is a slice-of-life comedy set in a restaurant environment with five lovely waitresses. 🙂

As a general overview of progress, the script is mostly done and edited. Character art is still in the works, with 5/9 sprites done. GUI is still being worked on, and several BG artworks done.

What I need

  • 30 pieces of food artworks
  • Note that it may seem like a lot, but they do not have to be super detailed; see below
  • Minimum 800×520 resolution, 20:13 aspect ratio (note that game is 1280×720), PNG format w/ transparent background
  • Motivation, reliability, and proactivity – very important! While updates twice or more per week are nice, I’d like to be kept updated at least once a week. I can be very flexible with schedules, as long as the communication is there

Type and style of food art

  • Make them look delicious! They do not have to be super detailed – in fact the food style as seen in various anime is sufficient. Detailed backgrounds are not necessary; need to be placed against a transparent BG in PNG format.
  • The types of food you will be drawing are breakfast items (like cereals), lunch items (like pizza), dinner items (like crab legs), and drinks (like a glass of orange juice or a bottled drink).

Style ideas

To get an idea of in-game BGs and sprites

Aurelia's Outfits

Ryne's room, day


Varying price from $10 per food item for a total of $300 (10×30), to maybe $15 per food item for a total of $450 (15×30). Payment in batches of 5 or 6. Negotiable.


Send me an email here with samples of your work. Note: don’t send samples via attachment, but rather link(s) to your portfolio of some kind, like your DeviantArt, Pixiv, site, or similar. Speaking of which, if hired, I’d appreciate it if progress and completed works are sent via a link (dropbox, google drive, etc…), not email attachment.

Of course let me know of any questions and/or concerns.

I’ll be keeping this open for at least a week (May 21-28), and will contact you if you’re chosen. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!


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