Project Memoria is run by a brother and sister team – Ryne and Richelle D.

Ryne D. (nayukifanboy / thebackup)
I am a college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in arts and technology, formerly a computer science major. Throughout my college career I explored a variety of art media, from paintings to live performances. One day, I was deciding on an art project, which could be anything you wanted. Because anime artwork fascinates me, I decided to create a visual novel, and have fell in love with it since, using it in subsequent art projects. My yougner sister (Richelle) has helped me with these projects, from voice acting to original artworks. Now, I want to challenge myself by creating a larger-scale visual novel, with my sister again assisting me. Big thanks to her! 😀

Some of Ryne’s favorite VNs
Tenshin Ranman
With Ribbon

Note: Richelle is on hiatus indefinitely. As much as I want her to work on artworks, she needs a break for a while.

Richelle D. (ritsi)
Pronounced, “Rich-el” 🙂  I’ve been happily married over 4 years, and currently pursuing a degree in nursing.   One thing that I’ve  enjoyed doing on my free time is drawing; mainly anime style.   It wasn’t until my brother approached me over a year ago that my interest in art, especially digital art, grew.   The only art classes I attended were in high school and one in college that were basically introductory classes.   I would love to take a class for creating digital art someday to improve my use of the tools in programs like Adobe Photoshop and Sai;  But for now, a lot of my knowledge come from just practicing, reference pictures, practicing,  learning from other artists, practicing, researching online, and more practicing!  The progress of Memoria, also getting my first Bamboo tablet & pen, inspires me to create artwork of my own again.   I’m very grateful for the opportunity my brother has given me, because art is like an outlet for me.  I know I may not be as awesome in my work as I’d like to be, but it definitely makes me feel great because I’m always learning something new, and its fun to see my skills progress and say, “wow I did that!?” (good or bad lol) I hope you guys can join me in my journey of becoming a better artist that I’ve always hoped to become!

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