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…or Madoka Magica, Akemi Homura/Moemura fans, or everyone. Consider this a somewhat late Thanksgiving post. 😛

A month ago me and my sis went to LA to watch the Madoka Magica movie (on the last day of showing). Here’s that cute Moemura cosplayer I was talking about on twitter (hehe):

Madoka Magica Cosplayer - Akemi Homura (Moemura)

I didn’t see much of Homura cosplayers at AX2012, and they weren’t exactly great, IMO. But that one at the Madoka movie showing was pretty cute. More pics of some other cosplayers are in here. Yeah, I could’ve posted that earlier but I was kind of lazy (and had other priorities). 😛

Oh, and Julia cosplaying as Homura. Yes, sis did that a little over a year ago, but it’s worth showing off again. 😉

Julia as Akemi Homura

Looking at all the memes revolving around Madoka Magica, i.e. perverted Homura… hm, perverted Julia? It’s kind of hard imagining Julia being perverted, I’d say that her moral standards are… somewhat high, though not to the point that she’s a complete tight ass. If you’d like there’s more girls in Madoka costumes here. (hm… Homuhomu -> Juju? sorry had to be done XD)

You know, I could’ve sworn that my sis emailed me updated versions (more shaded versions) of the costumes. I’ll dig it up later and post them when I have time.

-Ryne (project manager)

Project Memoria at Anime Expo 2012

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Project Memoria was at AX2012, and I’ve got the photos to prove it! We didn’t have a booth or anything, I just had my younger sister Richelle (aka the artist) dress as one of the Memoria girls, that is, Julia. She was asked at least four times by photographers to get her pic taken. ^.^

Okay, before anyone asks, she had to do several things to make this work; only about 70-75% of the costume is similar to Julia’s. So…

  1. blue plaid skirts were quite expensive for her, so she settled for a plain blue skirt
  2. she used to have loafers but gave them away well before, so she substituted in some Mary Janes
  3. settled for a red tie (with black designs) since she was having trouble finding a plain pink tie; and
  4. because she felt her hair was lacking in volume, she used extensions and tied her hair up, kind of like Anna’s hair. In essence, it’s like she’s cosplaying two characters at the same time, Julia and Anna. XD

Aaand… here are the pics; click them to view larger (all photos were resized from originals). Compare them to her artworks of Julia and/or Anna and judge for yourselves. Check out the gallery if you want to see more of her.

Richelle dressed up as JuliaRichelle in Julia costume CRichelle in Julia costume D

Also, some more pics of various other goodies, including figurines and other cosplayers. Mostly Madoka stuff, but I have others too.

Mirai Suenaga Car 3dMadoka Magica CosplayMadoka Magica Print

Again, more pics can be found in the gallery. I would like it if any of you can help me in identifying some of the anime being portrayed; a good number are unfamiliar to me.

Here’s what I brought home:

Madoka Magica - Nendoroid Petit Figures - Madoka and Kyouko

Some Madoka Nendoroid Petits… and (NSFW) Madoka H-doujinshi (NSFW, yes, I had to get them). Wanted to get the Sayaka, Kyouko, and Mami Figmas (and other non Madoka items), but didn’t want to spend too much. There was also a Homura dakimakura that is sooo moe, but didn’t get it due to the price; the material is sooooo nice and silky. Sister got a number of items as well including masks, a t-shirt, poster, and among other things.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I might have seen Peter Payne at the J-List booth (he’s the founder, I believe)? I should’ve got a pic of him! 😦

Lastly, you might be thinking: where’s photos of Ryne?! Well, I took these photos, and I’m not much of interest to look at anyway, since I’m not cosplaying. XD I’d be kind of weird to cosplay as a character who shares your name, though (Ryne cosplaying as Memoria Ryne, lol). You’re going to have to beg and ask Richelle since she took pics of me while we’re there on her smartphone (separate from camera).


If you haven’t seen already, there are much more pics in the gallery.

I wish we could’ve been there for the entire four days; we could only attend one day because of work stuff (albeit on last day of AX2012). But one day is better than no days, right? This is the second time me and my sis have been at AX, the first being in 2005; long time since! Me and my sis had a blast at AX2012, and seeing so many new things (including cosplayers) made it worthwhile. Maybe our next AX will feature Mikaela and the other girls (and exactly matching Memoria school uniforms!). ^_^

– Ryne

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