Poll #5 – Your Memoria Girl

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Memoria Girl Personality Quiz

Here’s a little “personality quiz” thing I programmed using PHP just for fun (and for lack of things to post lately 😛 ). Which Memoria girl will you date? I believe this will give you an idea what each of the girls are like. This quiz is mainly oriented towards guys, but of course girls can take it too if they wish.

Take it here

You’ll be treated to a nice graphic result when you’re done 🙂

Okay, to be honest, I rushed while creating questions, although I took my time programming the quiz engine. Sometime later I’ll refine the questions (and perhaps the engine). Let me know if there are any bugs, or have suggestions!

Oh, and a poll. Who did you get in the quiz? ^.^

Hope you enjoy!

-Ryne (project manager)

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