AWCG – Voice Actress Recruitment

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2019/11/5 – Closed! I’ve found someone to voice Natalia. Thanks to those who applied!

2019/11/4 – I’ve extended the audition period to this Thursday (11/7)!

I need a female voice actress for a short romance Christmas-themed VN, “All I Want for Christmas is a Girlfriend” (AWCG)!

Learn more about the project: VN site

Character that will be voiced

Lines: ~26
Words: ~262
Personality: Friendly, outgoing, a bit flirty
Pitch: Somewhat high
Audition Lines:

  • “I’m so glad I passed my calculus final! Thank you so much for tutoring me! I feel like I finally understand the material!”
  • “Aww, that’s so cute, you’re blushing~”

More information

I released this VN last year, but without any voice acting. I’m in the process of reworking this project, hoping to improve the visuals (mainly BGs and some GUI), and of course seeing Natalia’s personality come to life!

  • This is a non-commercial project.
  • Budget: ~$30, negotiable. Payment via PayPal.
  • Deadline: While this is a short VN, everything will need to be completed within a month (last week of November / the 30th). I’m aiming to re-release this project about a week before Christmas this year (week of December 16).
  • Format: .wav – to allow for post-processing.
  • Motivation, reliability, proactivity: very important

How to Apply

Email me here with your audition and demo reel.

Please send submissions as links to your portfolio (soundcloud, dropbox, google drive, etc.), not as email attachments. Also if selected, I would greatly appreciate it if recordings are sent via links as well (zipped up). Sound files (especially .wav’s) eat up my account space quick >.<

I will be keeping this open for at least a week, or until I find someone. Let me know if you have any questions / comments / concerns. Looking forward to hearing from you, thanks!


Anniversary illustration recruitment

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PixaelSoft Logo

2019/09/01 – Closed! I’ve chosen an artist. Thanks to those who applied!

Hey folks! Just thought I’d give a heads up that PixaelSoft / Project Memoria is nearing a 10-year anniversary on September 27. I’d like to commission a piece of artwork to celebrate, and reaching out to anyone who would love to do it!

What I’m looking for:

  • What: A beautiful hi-resolution (1080p) anime-style CG illustration of one of my female characters, wedding-themed
  • Deadline: This will need to be finished on or before September 25th
  • Budget: ~$150-$200, negotiable. Payment via PayPal.
  • Ability to do some ecchi-ness is a plus
  • Motivation, reliability, and proactivity: very important

Art style:

I’m looking for something in the style of Love Live! and Idolm@ster or similar / close to it.


Send me an email here with samples of your work. Note: Please send samples as links to your portfolio (DeviantArt, Pixiv, etc) not as attachments.

Also be aware that I’ve posted this right before leaving for work – I’ll respond ASAP when I get back! Still, do contact me if you’re interested.

I’ll be keeping this open until the evening of September 1 (Sunday) or until I find someone. I look forward to hearing from you! I hope I can make this a great anniversary for my studio. 🙂


CMD – Food Artist Recruitment

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2018/05/28 – Closed! Thanks to those who applied!

I’m recruiting a food artist for Café Memoria Deux!

Some overview of the project

This visual novel is a slice-of-life comedy set in a restaurant environment with five lovely waitresses. 🙂

As a general overview of progress, the script is mostly done and edited. Character art is still in the works, with 5/9 sprites done. GUI is still being worked on, and several BG artworks done.

What I need

  • 30 pieces of food artworks
  • Note that it may seem like a lot, but they do not have to be super detailed; see below
  • Minimum 800×520 resolution, 20:13 aspect ratio (note that game is 1280×720), PNG format w/ transparent background
  • Motivation, reliability, and proactivity – very important! While updates twice or more per week are nice, I’d like to be kept updated at least once a week. I can be very flexible with schedules, as long as the communication is there

Type and style of food art

  • Make them look delicious! They do not have to be super detailed – in fact the food style as seen in various anime is sufficient. Detailed backgrounds are not necessary; need to be placed against a transparent BG in PNG format.
  • The types of food you will be drawing are breakfast items (like cereals), lunch items (like pizza), dinner items (like crab legs), and drinks (like a glass of orange juice or a bottled drink).

Style ideas

To get an idea of in-game BGs and sprites

Aurelia's Outfits

Ryne's room, day


Varying price from $10 per food item for a total of $300 (10×30), to maybe $15 per food item for a total of $450 (15×30). Payment in batches of 5 or 6. Negotiable.


Send me an email here with samples of your work. Note: don’t send samples via attachment, but rather link(s) to your portfolio of some kind, like your DeviantArt, Pixiv, site, or similar. Speaking of which, if hired, I’d appreciate it if progress and completed works are sent via a link (dropbox, google drive, etc…), not email attachment.

Of course let me know of any questions and/or concerns.

I’ll be keeping this open for at least a week (May 21-28), and will contact you if you’re chosen. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!


CMD – Editor Recruitment

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2016/07/26 – Closed! I’ve chosen an editor. Thanks to those who applied!

Now that I’ve hired a new artist for CMD, it’s time to hire a script editor! It’s been nearly a year since I’ve started working on this project, outlining and scripting the story. And now here it is, ready to be looked over and edited!

Overview of the project

What you’ll be looking at

  • A script spanning 41 documents
  • Word count between 50k-55k
  • Genre: BxG, comedy, romance, slice of life
  • PoV: First person
  • A story structure spanning the month of July, with branching points
  • 9 characters: 1 main, 5 heroines, 3 sub characters
  • 6 endings: 1 normal + 5 heroine endings

What I’m looking for

  • Improving the style and consistency of the story and its characters, and make sure writing is clear, concise
  • Fixing any typos and grammatical errors
  • Additions / ideas to the story are welcome, as long as it fits within the goals of the story
  • Try to keep it between 50k-60k words
  • Reliability
  • Motivation and commitment!


  • Someone who has a good knowledge of the English language, specifically American English.
  • Some experience in:
    • Creative writing, amateur or professional
    • Writing for other VNs
  • Writing has to touch on the senses, specifically sight and smell, as there are scenes involving food.
  • Must be comfortable reading / writing some suggestive themes and some foul language. There’s no sexual content, however.
  • Editing period is within two and a half months / 9-10 weeks, with weekly updates; minimum of 6000 words a week. See “Budget” below.


Compensation is around $500-$600, depending on word count of final product, at 1 cent per word. Willing to pay on a weekly basis, at least 6000 words a week ($60), via paypal. Open to reasonable extensions, and negotiable.

Recruitment Process

During the recruitment process I will be selecting a few people to edit a test sample of the script. From there I will decide who gets to edit the script.

If interested please inquire via email, with samples of previous works. Note: please when sending samples don’t copy / paste it in your message, but send as link or attachment. Of course let me know here if you have any questions and concerns. Thanks for looking and I hope to hear from you!

Application Deadline: July 26 (may be extended)


CMD – Artist Recruitment

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2016/07/09 – Closed! I’ve chosen my artist. Thanks to those who applied!

This is a bit of an emergency post, as I had to let go of my artist a few days ago. It’s unfortunate, as I’d like to keep Ezri, who worked on CM1. But issues popped up and she will be unable to work on CMD. Therefore I’m recruiting a new artist!

Some overview of the project

  • 2015/10/26
  • 2016/02/23 – yeah I know that post is for the critique, but parts of it still apply here

What I need

  • 9 full-body sprites, 6 female, 3 male (see below for characters)
  • Each character has one pose, with varying amounts of expressions and outfits
  • Anime style, looking for something like Love Live! / Idolm@ster style and proportions (see below)
  • Sprites need to be as large as possible to allow room for resizing
  • Finished sprites should be a PSD and layered to allow mix and matching of outfits and expressions
  • Motivation!

Characters / Female

Do check previous posts to get an idea on how they look like.

  • Anna – 4 outfits, 13 expressions
  • Mikaela – 4 outfits, 10 exp.
  • Tristina – 5 outfits, 10 exp.
  • Aurelia – 4 outfits, 13 exp.
  • Julia – 5 outfits, 11 exp.
  • Elena – 3 outfits, 6 exp.

Characters / Males

  • Ryne – 3 outfits, 8 exp.
  • Jacob – 3 outfits, 9 exp.
  • Alden – 2 outfits, 6 exp.

Art Style / Proportions

I’m looking for something of a mix between Love Live! and Idolm@ster or similar. For the eyes especially would like it to be in the style of the former.


Around $650-$800. Would like to pay $30 for base pose per character and comes with 1 outfit and 1 expression free, with additional outfits +$5, and additional expressions +$2. Prefer to pay as sprites get completed, via paypal. Negotiable as long as it’s within budget. While I don’t need event CGs as of now, there will likely be opportunities to do them as the project progresses.

Interested? Send me an email here with samples of your work. Of course let me know here with any questions and / or concerns.

I will be keeping this open for at least a week (until July 8 9), and will contact you if you are chosen. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!


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